100 Wedgies!!!

Once my parents went to on vacation for a year. Me and my sister were pretty bored. So we made a deal. Let’s have a race. The loser gets 100 wedgies from the winner. I was winning the race until I tripped over a toy and my sister won the race. Looks like it’s 100 wedgies for me. The first wedgie right then and it was a normal wedgie. Wedgie no.2 was done after my shower. It was a messy wedgie with hot sauce, ice cubes, whipped cream, ice cream, a big rock, grass and mud, cereal and milk, apple juice, toothpaste, a cooked egg, marshmellows, frozen soda, apples and caramel. Wedgie no.3 was after dinner. She pulled my underwear and hung it on a hook. I was left here all night with no shirt and I was not touching the ground. It was pretty painful and I was outside so I was freezing. Wedgie no.4 was during my bus trip to school. She pulled my undies around the seat and everyone on the bus laughed. Wedgie no.5 was during bed time. I was at the top with her and I was going to get a glass of water. I was jumping off the bed when i felt something painful in my buttock. My sister was holding my underwear when I jumped off the bed. Wedgie no.6 was the atomic wedgie. She pulled my undies all the way to my chin. Man it was so painful. Wedgie no.7 was a group and floor wedgie. She invited some friends to give me that wedgie. Wedgie no.8 was a high flyer wedgie. She attached my undies to a flagpole and hoisted me high. I stayed up here for a week without a shirt. After that my undies ripped. Wedgie no.9 was a squeaky clean wedgie. She pulled my undies from the back, then front, then back again and it was burning. Wedgie no.10 was a waterbomb wedgie. She put me into a headlock and threw a waterbomb to my undies. She then gave me a wedgie. She kept on repeating this until it reached 100 wedgies. 100 of my underwears are ripped. Then my parents came back from vacation.


  1. Mr Embarrassing Said,

    May 5, 2012@ 12:42 pm      Reply

    So painful!

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